Ancient Cities

Ancient City of Anemurium

Ancient city of Anemurium is located in Mersin’s Anamur county, which was named after the ancient city. The city is also known as Old Anamur. Anemurium was the melting pot of civilizations throughout history. Today, it is a worth-seeing site ornamented with ancient relics and sea landscape.

Ancient City of Afrodisias – Tisan

Publicly known as Ovacık Peninsula, Ancient City of Afordisias is called Ciliciya Afrodisia in archaeological literature. It is accessible by a byroad starting from 35th kilometer of Silifke-Anamur highway.

Ancient City of Ayaş Elaiussa Sebaste

Elaiussa-Sebaste is an antique city built between Mesin and Silifke, in Ciliciya region which is located in the south of Central Taurus Mountains. Many ruins in the area were unearthed during the excavation works carried out in the area, but it is estimated that most of the ruins are still under the ground.

Ancient City of Kanlıdivane (Canytellis)

Kanlıdivane is a very common stop for visitors that are headed to the Maiden’s Castle. The residential site is located next to a 60 meters deep sinkhole (170 x 200 meters wide) and it is accessible with a staircase carved on a giant rock. Scriptures indicate that it was under the ruling of Olba Dynasty in 2nd century B.C. It was used as a port or a gate to reach the sea.

Ancient City of Soli Pompeipolis

Ancient City of Soli is located on the coast in 14 kilometers west of Mersin. It was built by Rhodian colonies in 7th century B.C and named Soloi which means ‘the sun’.

Uzuncaburç Ruins

Uzuncaburç Ruins are located 1200 meters above the sea level on Taurus Tablelands. Uzuncaburç was ruled by Assyrians, Hittite Empire, Babylonians, Lydians, Roman Empire, Byzantine Empire, Urartians and Persian Empire throughout the history.

Mamure Castle

Mamure Castle is located in 6 kilometers south of Anamur county. It was put on UNESCO’s World Heritage Candidates List in 2012. There are Turkish-Islamic architectural works in the castle such as mosques, fountains and public baths.

Kız Kalesi (Maiden's Castle)

Kız Kalesi (Maiden’s Castle) is located 60 kilometers away from Erdemli and it is perfect for enjoying the sun and sand with a historical landscape in sight. Maiden’s Castle, also known as Castle by the Sea, was built on a small island in the sea.


Yumuktepe Hill Town is locatd in the city centre and it is perfect to go on a time travel. It was previously recognized by many researches as a valuable information source for the region.

Gözlükule Mound

Gözlükule Hill Town was built in Neolithic Age and used as a residential site for many years with no interruption. Results of the periodical excavations in the area underlie our knowledge of prehistorical Anatolian archaeology.

Kelenderis Antique City

Kelenderis Antique City, located on the border of Aydıncık district. It is estimated that it was founded in the 6th century BC by Sandon, one of the oldest ancient gods of Cilicia. The port bath, theater and necropolis area at the entrance of the harbor has reached to the present day.