Mersin’s highlands in the foothills of Taurus Mountains are ideal for those who would like to get out of the city for a fresh breath and enjoy some alone time in the nature. Amazing landscapes and fresh air of Gözne, Ayvagediği, Fındıkpınarı, Gülek, Çamlıyayla (Namrun), Sorgun, Gülnar, Koza, Sertavul and Abanoz are worth experiencing. The highlands are cold even during the hottest days of summer. But don’t worry about the cold, because locals of the region are very warm and hospitable. Their hot meals and vivacious banters will warm you inside.

Although Mersin’s city centre and coastline supports the basic characteristics of Mediterranean Climate, Gülek Karboğazı, which is an hour’s drive away from Mersin’s neighbours Adana and Niğde, is convenient for winter sports. Gülek is planned to be a future winter tourism centre and it is expected to attract many investors in the region.