Discover the Cousine


Tantuni refers to lamb meat that is cut into small pieces, fried on an iron plate with vegetables and spices, and served in lavash or a round loaf of bread. If the wrap only consists of meat it is called biftek (Turkish for ‘beef’). If you include lard in the recipe, it is called tantuni.

Liver Kebab

Another must-eat dish for a Mersin visitor is liver kebab. Liver is a breakfast food in Adana and Gaziantep, but it is mostly preferred at noon or in the evening in Mersin...


Sıkma is a yoruk recipe. It is made of freshly rolled out lavash that is cooked on an iron plate and filled with various fillings made of cheese, greens and boiled potatoes. You can eat sıkma for breakfast or as an appetizer throughout the day.


Batırık is a juicy salad made with bulgur. It is an important dish in yoruk cuisine. Bulgur is mixed with a special sauce made of diced tomatoes, tahini, sesame seeds, nuts and spices.

Fındık Lahmacun (Tiny Lahmacun)

The smaller version of Lahmacun that you won’t be able to wait for eating! It works up your appetite.

Pickled stonecrops

Stonecrops are harvested from the bottom of sea cliffs and they are extremely difficult to harvest.

Sea food

There are fish markets all around Mersin. Fish markets offer a wide range of top quality, affordable fish to choose from. Mediterranean fish, especially Lagos is worth tasting with its unique taste.


Kerebiç is an indigenous dessert of Mersin. It is highly preferred especially in Ramadan and religious feasts. Semolina is rolled into dough, optionally with walnuts or pistachios, and cooked.

Silifke Yoghurt

Silifke yoghurt has a thick texture and unique taste. What makes Silifke yoghurt special is that it is made of only fresh, free range Taurus goats’ milk.

Taş Kadayıf

Taş kadayıf is an indigenious dessert that is made of a special type of dough. The dough is rolled out and cut into smaller circles, added walnuts or pistachios and folded in the shape of a dumpling.

Sour Orange Dessert

It is an indigenous, delicious Mersin recipe that is made using only the freshest of fruits.


Cezerye is a licenced recipe of Mersin. It is made of carrots, sugar, your favourite type of nuts and pistachio, and covered in powdered coconut.

Bananas, Strawberries and Citrus

Mersin is a plant paradise with its rich soil and climate. Numerous plant species naturally grow or are grown in the greenhouses of the region.