Kisecik Canyon is an impressive canyon located on the Tarsus Stream that takes its name from the nearby village. It is also known as Sarıkavak Canyon due to Sarıkavak Village located in the east.

This canyon, which is at the top of the places to visit in Mersin, offers a completely different experience that distinguishes it from the others.

True to its name, Saklı Cennet (Hidden Paradise) is a place that takes a little effort to reach in a somewhat remote spot, but makes you forget all the trouble when you see it.

Canyons are the places where the streams affect people with the appearance of the water flowing in a narrow area between the hills, which are formed by the erosion of the calcareous land. In most of the canyons, you can proceed by walking on the wooden walking paths built on the side of the slopes or by making water crossings from suitable places. This is where the difference and beauty of Hidden Paradise comes into play. You can advance 300 meters in the canyon by getting on a raft set up by the operator with a roller system and pulling the roller. We definitely recommend you to experience this completely different  activity. You will go to a completely different world as you move on a raft in the narrow stream between two rocky slopes.

The depth of the deepest point is 16 meters and the river will impress you with its clarity and blue tone.

Swimming in the ice-cold water on the shore will also be a pleasant experience for those who do not want to go on a raft. Don't forget to take a souvenir photo at the entrance of the canyon and on the raft.

Saklı Cennet is a very preferred place for picnics, especially by local people. You can use the paid tables for a picnic, or you can try sıkma, which is a local food sold at the establishment here.

Where is Kisecik Canyon? Directions Information. How to Go to Canyon?

Kisecik Canyon is located within the borders of Sarıkavak District of Çamlıyayla District of Mersin. It is 46 km from Tarsus and 50 km from Mersin.

There are two alternative ways to reach Kisecik Canyon. Since Canyon is located between Sarıkavak and Kisecik Districts, it can be reached from both districts. It can be said that the road on Kisecik is more straight.

To go to Kisecik Canyon from Mersin, after reaching Ayavagedigi Plateau, you should follow Capar, Böğrüeğri, Boztepe and Kisecik Neighborhoods. If you proceed in the direction of Sarıkavak Village after Kisecik Village, you will reach the canyon.

The best alternative to reach Kisecik Canyon from Tarsus is to continue on the Eshabi Kehf Cave road and pass through Çiriştepe, Karadiken, Pirömerli, and Boztepe neighborhoods to reach Kisecik Village. If you continue towards Sarıkavak from here, the canyon is located on the road.

Another alternative to reach Hidden Paradise from Tarsus is to reach Sarıkavak Neighborhood via Çamlıyayla road and follow the signs that direct you to the canyon. However, this road is relatively worse than the other. It is stated that this road will become suitable for passenger vehicles with the constructions to be done over time.

Entrance to Saklı Cennet is free, but since the land where the canyon is located is privately owned and is a place that is in high demand, especially in summer, a high parking fee of 50 TL is charged at the entrances. In addition, a fee of 50 TL is charged for the use of the table. The most attractive part of the canyon, the raft ride, costs 10 TL per person.

Another alternative to going to Saklı Cennet is to join the excursions organized by nature and travel clubs, especially in spring and summer. By participating in these events announced on social media, you can enjoy Hidden Paradise together with other nature lovers without the hassle of transportation.

Places to be seen around Kisecik Canyon

Karasu Canyon and Waterfall: 30 km

Namrun Castle:   21 km

Kadıncık Valley and Priest's Garden: 21 km



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