Mersin is an adorable beach town that was built on Çukurova Delta, in the southern foothills of Taurus Mountains that stretch across the Mediterranean Sea. In the east, there is Adana, one of the most powerful agricultural and industrial city of Turkey. In the west, there is tourism paradise Antalya with its beautiful neighbour that paints the south blue, Mediterranean Sea. Mersin is the 10th most crowded city in Turkey with a current population of 1.745.221. Mersin is one of the most important port towns of not only Turkey, but Eastern Mediterranean region and Middle East as well with its location, capacity, broad hinterland, and domestic & foreign multimode connection advantages.  

Mersin’s topography is mostly made of extremely high, rough and rocky Western and Central Taurus Mountains. Some lowlands of the region, such as the city centre and Tarsus, are located where the mountains reach the sea whereas the others are located between the northern mountains and high altitudes. Most important streams of the region are Göksu and Berdan streams.