Mersin is located in an area convenient for many ways of transportation. It is easily accessible by highway, airway and railway.


Mersin is easily accessible by highway from every region of Turkey.

Suggestion: If you are travelling from Antalya to Mersin, you can prefer travelling by highway to enjoy the beautiful sightings and the amazing nature of Taurus Mountains. For those who are not particularly fond of long journeys, there are direct flights from Antalya to Adana. You can go to Mersin from Adana Airport using airway shuttle bus services.



Airway transportation to Mersin is carried out indirectly through Adana Şakirpaşa Airport located 67 kilometers away from Mersin. Adana International Airport is built on a 2.105.510 m² area and has been actively used since 1937. It has a capacity of 5 million passengers annually with domestic flights to Istanbul, Ankara, Antalya, Izmir; and international flights to Saudi Arabia, TRNC, and Germany. For further information on flights, please visit the airline websites listed below.


Mersin General Directorate of Train Stations serves dependently with Adana 6th Regional Directorate. It provides transportation services for passengers and freight shipment on a 55,210 long double track railway within Mersin borders. There are 3 passenger platforms for passenger trains arriving to and leaving the station; and there are 3 loading ramps for freight trains. It is 250 meters away from Mersin port that is accessible by train.

There are 29 shuttle trains from Mersin to Adana every day, of which 12 are high speed trains. Ticket prices are affordable as well.

For further information:


Mersin Bus Station: Mimar Sinan Blv. No:190, 33050 Toroslar Phone: 0324 238 16 48

Adana Airport: Adana-Mersin Karayolu, Şakirpaşa Cad. Seyhan Phone: 0322 435 03 80

Mersin Train Station: İstiklal Cad. Yeni Mah. Akdeniz Phone: 0 324 231 12 67