Relics found in the excavation works made in Mersin Yumuktepe and Tarsus Gözlükula indicate that Cilicia Region has a long history that dates back to Proto-Catholic and Neolithic Ages. Since 1700 B.C, Mersin has been a home to many great civilizations such as Hittite Empire, Babylonians, Persian Empire, Roman Empire, Byzantine Empire, Arabs, Anatolian Seljuks, Armenian Kingdoms, Karamanoğulları Principality, Ramazanoğulları Principality and Ottoman Empire. Mersin became a part of Turkish Republic in 1924. In 1933, it was merged with İçel city, whose city centre was Silifke, and the city was named İçel. The name was later changed to Mersin in 2002. The fact that Mersin has welcomed many civilizations throughout history is evident in every corner of the city.