Discover the Nature

Aynalıgöl (Gilindire) Cave

Aynalıgöl (Gilindire) Cave is located in the southern, submerged part of Central Taurus Mountains in Aydıncık. The caves stand out with their extraordinary structures. There are stalactites and stalagmites on the roof and walls of the cave. Gilindire Cave stands out with its historical value as well.

Tarsus Waterfall

Berdan River starts flowing in Bolkar Mountains, part of Central Taurus Mountains, and it forms Çukurova Delta with its rich alluvials. It also forms many natural wonders on its long way to Mediterranean Sea.

Yerköprü Waterfall and Gezende Canyon

Yerköprü Waterfall is located 35 kilometers away from Mut county centre. It is one of the 8 protected natural assets in Turkey and registered as a “Natural Monument”. Yerköprü Waterfall was formed by one of Göksü River’s influent streams, Ermenek Stream which has been flowing and washing the earth off of the region for many years.

Boğazpınar Canyon and Karasu Waterfall

Boğazpınar is a natural wonder located in Tarsus, on the foothills of Taurus Mountains. The flora of this mountain neighbourhood consists of Turkish pine, oak and scrubs. There are yoruks in the region who still live in woolen tents.

Kayacı Valley

Kayacı Valley is a hidden paradise that is 15 kilometers away from Limonlu neighbourhood, Erdemli, Mersin. 130 kilometers long Limonlu Stream flows through the valley towards Central Taurus Mountains and reaches the sea there. The valley is a centre of attention not only with its stream and green flora, but with its cliffs and topography as well.

Astım (Asthma) Cave

Astım Cave is located very close to Cennet-Cehennem Caves in Silifke. It is also called Dilek (Wishing) Cave. The karstic structure of the cave is evident in the stalactites and stalagmites in the cave.

Taşkuyu Cave

Taşkuyu Cave was discovered in 2006 and later restorated and illuminated by Tarsus Municipality with the support of Çukurova Development Agency.

Göksu Delta

Anatolia is located on an important migration route for birds and it is the home of about 500 bird species. Göksu Delta is one of the numbered bird migration routes in the world. Optimum conditions of the Delta allow rare and endangered bird species to live, nest, feed and accommodate in the area. Göksu wetlands, which are internationally important, are located in the south of Silifke.

Kadıncık Valley and Priest’s Garden

Kadıncık Valley has a pristine nature and a fascinating atmosphere. It is located 10 kilometers south of Fakılar Neighbourhood, Çamlıkaya. The valley is crowded with cedar wood, larch, oak and hornbeam trees.

Cennet-Cehennem (Heaven-Hell) Archeological Site

Cennet-Cehennem Archeological Site is located in Narlıkuyu neighbourhood, on Mersin-Silifke highway. It is a remarkable site with an interesting structure and exotic atmosphere.