Namrun Castle, is an important castle that was built for defense purposes in the Middle Ages. It is controlling the passages from Central Anatolia to the Mediterranean together with Sinap Castle. It was built on a hill that dominates the region and overlooks 3 valleys. These are the castles that see each other for communication purposes with Sinap Castle. Cut stone was used in the construction of the castle. The castle passed through Byzantine, Armenian Kingdom, Anatolian Seljuk State, Karamanoğulları Principality and Ottoman rule, respectively.

The view offered by the castle, which is reached by climbing approximately 400 steps, is beautiful enough to make you forget all the trouble while climbing. When you go up to the castle, you will understand exactly why it was built on this hill. To experience the feeling of looking down on the entire region, we recommend that anyone who is interested in history or not, go to this castle.

Where is Namrun Castle? Directions Information. How to go to the Castle?

Namrun Castle is located in the center of Çamlıyayla District of Mersin. Its distance to Mersin is 80 km. The shortest way to go from Mersin to Namrun Castle with your private car is firstly reaching the town center of Tarsus from the Mersin-Adana highway (D400) and then. following the Çamlıyayla road from the north of the county, with the direction of the signposts here. There are two alternatives to reach Namrun Castle from Adana. The first one is to reach the town center of Tarsus, turn north from here and follow the Çamlıyayla road. The second alternative is to proceed from the highway in the direction of Ankara to exit the highway at Çamalan toll booths and to reach Çamlıyayla by proceeding in the west with the direction of the signboards here. The view of the Kadincik Dam on this road is impressive.

To reach Namrun Castle by public transport, the Çamlıyayla minibuses departing from Tarsus should be used.

Admission to Namrun Castle is free.

We recommend those who will visit Namrun Castle to choose the afternoon hours. So you can enjoy the view in a beautiful light and take stunning photos.

Places to be seen around Namrun Castle

Kadıncık Valley and Priest's Garden 19 km

Karasu Kanyon and waterfall:  34 km

Kisecik Canyon:         21 km