Karasu Canyon is a unique natural wonder located on the Kadıncık Stream in Tarsus. It is also called Boğazpınar Canyon because it is located near Boğazpınar Village. The depth of the canyon reaches 150 meters in  some places. There are water springs at many points in the canyon. For those who want to swim, there are natural ponds with a depth of 3-5 meters along the stream. The water passes in the canyon are at waist level in most places and it is a medium difficulty activity. Here, water crossing and nature walkers generally start the stream walk from the old mill site and reach Karasu Waterfall by proceeding along the stream for 3 km. From here, the walk is completed by going to Boğazpınar Village again. The canyon gets the sun only at noon in some places.

Karasu Waterfall

Karasu waterfall is a unique beauty formed by the spring waters in the canyon of the same name. You shudder when you see a river coming out of the mountain. This beauty, which has plenty of photos on our site, has also made the water ice-cold. The plane trees and other plants around the waterfall and the narrow canyon prevent you from seeing the sky. You feel that you have come to a completely different realm and that you are far away from the real world.

Where is Karasu Canyon? Directions Information. How to Go to Kanyon?

Karasu Canyon is located within the borders of Boğazpınar Village of Tarsus District of Mersin. It is 57 km from Tarsus and 85 km from Mersin. To go to Karasu Canyon, you must first reach Boğazpınar Village. There are two alternatives to go to Boğazpınar Village. The first is to proceed on the Tarsus-Çamlıyayla road and the other via the old Adana-Ankara road in the direction of the Çamlıyayla signpost and follow the Boğazpınar Village signs.

After reaching Boğazpınar Village, the villagers here will help you to reach Karasu canyon and waterfall. It is possible to reach near Boğazpınar Village by car. Then you have to walk. However, this entire walk will be a pleasant journey accompanied by magnificent views.

Nature and travel clubs in Adana and Mersin organize trekking activities to Karasu Canyon every week during the summer season. You can enjoy Karasu Canyon in the company of guides and other nature lovers by following these activities on social media.

The best time to go to Karasu Canyon is from July to November. It is stated that the flow of water is very high, especially in the spring, and it will be difficult to progress through the canyon.

Places to be seen around Karasu Canyon


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