Priest’s Garden and Kadıncık Valley National Park, which are among the important natural beauties of Mersin, are registered as Wildlife Protection Areas. With its nature, wild animal and plant diversity, it is the spot we would recommend for nature lovers as well as picnic lovers with its springs and facilities.

Priest's Garden

Priest's Garden is one of the most special spots in Mersin Kadıncık Valley National Park. It is named in this way because of the priest Joseph who lived here during World War I. It is said that his tomb was also located here and he was lost during a flood. In addition, the remains of the house where he lived are located here.

The priest's garden is one of the areas preferred by the people of Mersin and Tarsus for picnics. The springs boiling from various places, centuries-old plane trees and the waterfall formed by the springs as they pour into the Kadıncık River have made this place a privileged natural wonder. There are also trout ponds and a point of sale here. Tables for picnics, barbecue spots and restrooms are available. Picnic here is free. Camping is subject to a fee that is updated annually by the National Parks Directorate.

Kadincik Valley National Park

Kadincik Valley Wildlife Development Area is one of the most important regions of the region and Turkey in terms of biodiversity. It got its name from the Kadıncık Stream, which originates from here and empties into the Kadıncık Dam, and joins with the Cehennem Creek further south to form the Berdan Creek.

There are sycamore, spruce, sandalwood and juniper trees as well as wild animals such as wild goats, lynx, wolves and eagles. Thanks to this diversity of animals and the telescopes installed at certain points, this is an important area for wildlife watching and nature photographers. Again, the diversity of butterflies makes it a preferred spot for enthusiasts. In addition, red-spotted trout is a unique specie which is grown here.

With the permission of the National Parks Directorate, activities such as mountain biking and trekking can also be done.

Another value that makes Kadincik Valley special is Ana Juniper. Registered as a natural monument, this tree is 1107 years old and lived through the Byzantine, Seljuk, Ottoman and Turkish Republic periods. It is known that 10 people could not surround the tree which has a diameter of 3.5 meters.

Kadincik Valley National Park and Priest’s Garden Direction Information. Where is the Priest's Garden and How to Get There?

The distance of Kadıncık Valley National Park to Mersin is 84 km, and the distance to Çamlıyayla District Center is 13 km. While going to Çamlıyayla via Tarsus, turn right from Fakılar and reach here via a stabilized road. There is no public transport available here.

Especially in the spring and summer months, nature, travel and photography clubs in Adana and Mersin organize daily trips and activities here. You can also go there by participating in these activities that can be followed on social media.

Places to be seen around Kadıncık Valley

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