Kayacı Valley is located 12 km inland from the sea in Limonlu Town of Erdemli District of Mersin. The 120 km long Lemas (lemon) stream originating from the Central Taurus Mountains forms very steep and sharp valleys between the mountains here. It is also called Kızılgeçit (kızıl means red in Turkish) Valley because the valley surfaces eroded by the stream turn red.

Kayacı Valley is a very good alternative to escape the heat of Mersin, especially in summer. When you are 10 km away from the sea, the temperature drop so fast surprises those who come here for the first time. In addition to the increase in altitude, the ice-cold water of Lemas Stream also has an effect on this cooling. There are many country restaurants and recreation areas along the valley. In the businesses here, you can eat and rest under the plane trees with your feet in the water, as well as bring your own food and rent a camellia and have a picnic. Cooling off in the ice-cold water of the small ponds along the river, watching the magical view the sun creates as it slithers through the plane trees, taking photos and hiking are among the activities that can be done here.

There are rich plant varieties along the river; While there are Mediterranean climate vegetation such as laurel, sandalwood and carob near the coast, cedar, red pine and juniper forests become denser as you move north. Along the river, there are tall plane trees that offer a visual feast to the visitors.

At the entrance of the Kayacı Valley, it is possible to see the waterways that the Romans built and carved into the rocks to carry water to ancient cities such as Kyrkos (Kizkalesi), Elaiu Sebaste.

Kayacı Valley Doctor's Facility

The oldest and best known of the establishments on the Lemas Stream is the Doctor's place. Former deputy from Mersin, Doctor Nazım BAŞ donated the personal property of his family to the Mersin Governor's Office for the benefit of all the people. For this reason, it is also called the Doctor's Place. There is also a peacock farm 1 km before reaching here..

Where is Kayacı Valley? Directions - How to Go to Kayaci Vadisi?

Kayacı Valley is located on Lemas Stream flowing into the sea in Limonlu Town of Erdemli District of Mersin.

To go to Kayacı Valley, you must first reach Limonlu Town of Erdemli District of Mersin. From here, Kayacı Valley can be reached by following the signs to the north with a private vehicle. Along the way there are picnic areas and restaurants, as well as banana greenhouses and local people's banana sales stalls.

When to go to Kayacı Valley? What to do?

Kayacı Valley is visited in 4 seasons of the year. It is especially preferred to cool off in the summer season. It is possible to have a picnic along the valley, as well as the opportunity to eat in private businesses here. Kayacı Valley is also a preferred area for hiking and cycling.

Places to be seen around Kayacı Valley