Sacred Places

Alahan Temple

Alahan Temple is located in Mut, Mersin. It was put on UNESCO World Heritage Candidates List in 2000. Alahan Temple can be considered as a combination of many smaller structures that cover a wide area.

Aya Thekla Temple

Located in Silifke, Aya Thekla was considered to be a pilgrimage destination in the early ages of Christianity. Thekla was a saint who dedicated her life to Christianity because she was taken by the preaching of St. Paul. She escaped the oppression of Pagans and hid in a cave.

Eshab-ı Kehf (Seven Sleepers) Cave

Eshab-ı Kehf Cave is located in Tarsus. It is best known for being the locate of a legend, Seven Sleepers which is important for both Muslims and Christians. Legend says, there were 7 believers who lived in an idolater society and were oppressed to abandon their religion.

St. Paulus Memorial Museum

St. Paulus Memorial Museum was built in Tarsus in 11th-12th centuries A.D in the name of Saint Paulus. It is one of the top visited locations of both Tarsus and Mersin. St. Paulus Memorial Museum is a church that is on UNESCO’s World Heritage Tentative List.

Cambazlı Church

Cambazlı Church was a prominent residential site in Hellenistic, Roman and Byzantine ages. It is located in Cambazlı neighbourhood, Silifke. The church is connected to Uzuncaburç (Diocaesarea), Ura (Olba) and Maiden’s Castle with an ancient road.

St. Paulus’ Well

St. Paulus’ Well is located in about 300 meters north of Cumhuriyet Area, Kızılmurat Neighbourhood and in Tarsus county centre. It is located in an area full of ancient Mersin houses, in the backyard of a house that is considered to be the house of St. Paulus. Some walls were unearthed in the garden in recent archaeological excavations.

Ulu Mosque

There is a clock tower built in 1895 on the northeast corner of the mosque.