Cambazlı Church is assumed to be at an important antique point because it is connected to important settlement centers such as Corycus (Kızkalesi) and Diocaesarea (Uzuncaburç) by ancient Roman roads. But old name of the area is unknown. Therefore, it took its name from the  Cambazlı village in which it is located. In this region, traces of the late Hellenistic, Roman and Byzantine periods can be seen. In the region, which is understood to be an important settlement, there are rock tombs and sarcophagi as well as Cambazlı Church.

It is understood that Cambazlı Church was built in the 5th century during the Byzantine period. The church is a magnificent structure that is 29 meters long, 22 meters wide and consists of 3 naves (corridors). It has been very well preserved until today. Although the roof has collapsed, the dome and columns of the apse are in very good condition. A significant part of the walls of the church, which is understood to have two floors, is in good condition. There is a cistern in the courtyard of the church.

Where is Cambazli Church? Directions Information. How to Get to the Church

Cambazlı Church is located within the borders of Cambazlı Village, 29 km from Silifke and 92 km from Mersin. To reach Cambazlı Church from Mersin, you must pass Erdemli on the Mersin-Antalya road, turn north from Limonlu Town and reach Cambazlı Village by passing Esenpınar and Sömek villages, respectively.

After reaching Kızkalesi Town, you can reach the church by going in the direction indicated by the sign here as Cambazlı Church.

For those who want to reach Cambazlı Church by public transport, there is 1 minibus service from Silifke to Cambazlı Village per day.

Entry to Cambazlı Church is free.

Places to be seen around Cambazlı Church