Yerköprü Waterfall is a natural wonder located in Mut District of Mersin and registered as a "Natural Monument" by the General Directorate of Nature Conservation and National Parks in 2011. The waterfall is one of the 8 points declared as a natural monument in Turkey. It is located on the Ermenek Stream, which joins the Göksu River in Mut District.

The waterfall, formed by the spring water in the area of a landslide that occurred on the Ermenek Stream millions of years ago. Yerköprü Waterfall has a very rich fauna as well as Mediterranean climate plants such as figs and pomegranates.

Yerköprü Waterfall, which is one of the most worth seeing places in Mersin, takes a long time to go, but the scenery and atmosphere when you reach there make you forget all this difficulty. The waterfall, which used to be reached over the northern slope, can be reached over the newly built suspension bridge after this road was closed due to a landslide. The sense of height on the suspension bridge and the view of the turquoise water are also very impressive. To reach the waterfall after crossing the bridge, it is reached via a 500-meter wooden walkway. The journey itself is as beautiful as the waterfall.

In addition to the bridge, walking paths have been built in the waterfall visit area, and there are two viewing terraces near the waterfall area. Under the waterfall, there is a cave that used to be entered by boat. Along with the cave, there is a lake with a depth of 15 meters. We also recommend you to walk on the wooden path from the upper side of the waterfall, where you can walk among various vegetation and reach a small water source.

There is a picnic opportunity in the camellias in the waterfall area, but it is forbidden to light a fire. The entrance fee of Yerköprü Waterfall (in 2021) is 8 TL per person, 24 TL per vehicle, 240 TL for bus. There are toilets, fountains, parking lots and mosque in the national park.

Gezende Canyon

Gezende Canyon is a newly discovered tourism value with its impressive view of the clear water on the Ermenek Stream, within the borders of Mersin's Gülnar District. Since there is no walking path for now to the canyon. You can reach there by walking with trekking shoes, and the walking paths is expected to be constructed in the near future.

Yerköprü Waterfall Directions Information. How to Get to the Waterfall?

The easiest alternative to get to Yerköprü Waterfall, which is 35 km from Mut District and 210 km from Mersin, is to go via Mut Centre. You should take the Ermenek road from the center of Mut, turn left before reaching Evren Village, and after 9 km, take the dirt road on the left and continue for 1 km. You can reach Yerköprü Waterfall National Park. After leaving the vehicles, you can reach the waterfall itself by walking another 600 meters. You will not be able to understand how quickly you reach the waterfall, as you can go with fascinating views at every meter of this road, which is easy to progress with walking paths and stairs.

For those who cannot go to Mut Yerköprü Waterfall by private vehicles, nature excursions are also organized by the nature clubs of Mersin and Adana, especially during the summer months. These events can be followed on social media.

Places to be seen around Yerköprü Waterfall

Alahan Monastery: 55 km