Çamlıyayla is a district of Mersin located at the foot of the Taurus Mountains in the north. With its mountains, canyons, waterfalls and castles, Çamlıyayla is a town rich in places to visit. There are many places to visit in Çamliyayla, especially for nature and trekking lovers.

Çamlıyayla can be reached via Tarsus, or by turning west on the old Adana-Ankara road, with the direction of the signs, via the Kadıncık Dam.

It is also preferred as a plateau by the people of Tarsus and Adana to get away from the heat of Çukurova in summer days. Its population rises to 50,000 in summer.

We recommend those who come to Çamlıyayla to try the local food sıkma, karsambaç a dessert made of snow, and the chicken in butter, which is famous in the region.

In addition to the guesthouse of the General Directorate of Forestry, there are also private hotel businesses for accommodation in Çamlıyayla.


Namrun Castle: This castle, which was built on a high hill in the town center of Çamlıyayla and can be seen from everywhere. It controlled the roads connecting the Mediterranean to Central Anatolia due to its location. The two northern towers of the castle, which was made of cut stone, have survived to the present day. It was last restored in 2007. When you reach to the top of the castle and see the magnificent landscape  view you will forget all your troubles you feel while climbing up.

Karasu Waterfall (Boğazpınar Canyon):  River is located within the borders of Boğazpınar Village and gaveits name to the village (“boğaz” means “strait” and “pınar” means stream in Turkish) This natural beauty was formed by the Kadıncık Stream flowing between the mountains, forming canyons and deep valleys before reaching the dam. The view of Karasu Waterfall, which emerges in the form of a waterfall inside the canyon, is very impressive. To go here, it is necessary to take a short nature walk after reaching Boğazpınar Village. Especially in summer, nature clubs of Adana and Mersin organize trips to this natural wonder. By participating in these activities that you can follow on social media, you can visit this place in a safer and more enjoyable way with a guide.



Priest's Garden-Kadincik Valley: The place, named after a priest who used to reside here, is one of the must-see places in Çamliyayla with its tall plane trees and springs. This place, which has the status of a National Park, has the necessary opportunities for picnic and nature walk as well as wildlife watching. Ana Ardıç (mother juniper) is a special value of this place. This 1100-year-old tree has become famous throughout the region with its 3.5 meters diameter. Those who want to see this place can join the excursions organized by nature and travel clubs in spring and summer.

Gülek Castle: The view of the castle, which is located on a hill overlooking the Gülek Strait, is very impressive, especially seeing the Adana-Ankara highway. In recent years, it has been heavily visited by those who want to take a souvenir photo on the rock with a cliff view. The castle can be reached by directing the sign on the old Adana-Ankara road. Especially on Sundays, it is very busy and there is a queue to take pictures on the rock. We recommend that you go on other days if possible. Entrance is free.


Kisecik (Hidden Paradise): Located between Sarıkavak and Kisecik villages on Kadıncık Stream, this canyon is a paradise in a corner, true to its hidden name. Flowing through the hills by forming a canyon, the stream rises to the plain here. Another important difference of this canyon, also known as Sarıkavak, is that it can be visited on a raft and offers a completely different experience to those who see it. Entry is free, but parking fees are charged for vehicles. The fee for boarding the raft is 15-20 TL, depending on the number of people.


Inverted House: It is one of the successful examples of the inverted house trend that has been popular in the world recently. Located near the Namrun castle, this structure amazes those who see it. The building itself and the items inside are located on the ceiling as if the world has been turned upside down. It appeals not only to children, but also to adults who want to take a souvenir photo. The entrance fee is 10 TL.

Baştepe Fire Tower: This building, which was built as a precaution against forest fires, has recently become a favorite of nature lovers. At an altitude of 2000 meters, it impresses those who see it with its view dominating the whole environment. In the tower, which is 20 km away from Çamlıyayla, the view takes on a completely different atmosphere on some days due to fog. Even though the roads are a bit rough, you can reach here without damaging your vehicle with the activities organized by nature and travel clubs.


Sinap Castle: The medieval castle was built as a garrison castle attached to Namrun Castle. The structure, which is 5 km away from Çamlıyayla, was built to control the roads leading to Gülek Strait. There are bastions on each of the four corners of the rectangular planned castle made of stone. Unlike the castles in the region, it is easily accessible because it is not in a high position compared to its surroundings.