While Aydıncık was a town affiliated to Gülnar for a long time, it became a district in 1987. Aydıncık, 180 km from Mersin, is a district rich in places to visit. In addition to historical monuments, it offers a pleasant trip with natural beauties and beaches. Suitable for diving from alternative sports. It is highly preferred by diving clubs in the surrounding provinces. Hotels in the district center can be preferred for accommodation.

Aynalıgöl (Gilindere) Cave: One of Turkey's most beautiful caves, perhaps the first, you should put this natural wonder first among the places to visit in Aydıncık. The stalactite, stalagmite and travertine formations in the cave, the giant lake which gives the cave its name from the reflections of.(“ayna” means mirror and göl means lake in Turkish). The reflections at the base of the water are fascinating. It is also enjoyable to watch the shapes that can be easily seen in the clear water of the lake. As much as the cave itself, the sea view encountered while descending here makes this place privileged. At the entrance of the cave, there are infrastructure facilities such as parking lot, cafe, and washbasin.The entrance fee is 7 TL. The museum card is not valid.

Aynalıgöl Cave can be reached by turning left (to the sea side) from the place where the signboard is located on the east of Aydıncık on the Mersin-Antalya Highway.

Kelenderis Ancient City: The ancient city,  which was the most important connection point of Anatolia with Cyprus until the 19th century, is a prominent point in the list of places to visit in Aydıncık. The most important value to be seen in the ancient city is the Kelenderis Mosaic. The mosaic drawn as a sketch of Kelenderis Harbor can be considered as one of the oldest maps in the world. Basilica, tomb structures, odeon, harbor bath, walls, water pool, mosaics and wells are some of the ruins that can be seen in the city. Archaeological excavations are continuing in Kelenderis and it is expected to open to visitors in 2023.


Dört Ayak Mausoleum: The dome-ceilinged building, dating to the 2nd century, is known as a mausoleum due to its style. One of its remarkable features is that it was made by interlacing cut stones without using mortar. It impresses those who see it with its 8 meters height and majesty on 4 legs. It is mentioned as an empty tomb on the maps of travelers. Although the deceased was buried elsewhere, it is thought that this building was built to keep his memory alive. The entrance to the building located in Aydıncık town center is free of charge.


Soğuksu Beach: Imagine a bay with a cool, clear, clean water that rises 300 meters above and joins the sea as a stream. Thus, it is immediately clear where the name of the beach comes from.  (“soğuk” means “cold” and “su “means “water” in Turkish)In addition to adding coolness to the sea with its ice-cold water, it also gives a clear blue. Those who swim on the beach go to the point where the creek meets the sea to be rinsed, and those who find the sea water warm prefer this place. If you wish, you can proceed along the stream and find yourself in the lush vegetation that the water brings to life. As you can have a picnic here, you can also benefit from the food and beverage service in private businesses. Entrance is free.

Taşmasa: The view is fascinating in this place, where you reach a height of 300 meters in a very short time by following the mountain side road in Aydıncık district center. The whole Aydıncık District, the Yılanlı Island in the open and if you are lucky, the Beşparmak Mountains of Cyprus greet you on days when the humidity is low. It is an ideal place to take souvenir photos. It is a well-known fact that watching the surroundings from a height and the feeling of infinity make people feel good. There are camellias and guardrails for security purposes in the place.

İncekum Beach: Located 6 km east of Aydıncık town center (on Mersin side), this beach is a unique beach where green and blue meet. This beach, which takes its name from the sandy shore (“ince” means “thin” and “kum” means “sand” in Turkish), is in the status of a nature park, so there is an entrance fee. Another beauty of this beach, where you can relax in the shade, have a picnic and camp, is its structure that does not get too deep even when you go too far. With this feature, it is especially preferred by families with children.


Aydıncık Beach: At the center of the district, the facility and the beach belonging to Aydıncık municipality, which also has rest and accommodation facilities, are preferred by the public due to its easy access. The entrance to the sandy beach is free. Services such as umbrellas, sun loungers, showers and WCs are offered for a fee.


Kurtini Bay: Located in the east of Aynalıgöl Cave, this bay stands out with its clear sea and calmness. This cove, which is similar in structure to Fethiye Butterfly Valley, can be reached by walking with difficulty. For those who want to reach Kurtini, renting a boat from Aydıncık Harbor will be a better alternative. The difficulty of transportation brings  here calmness and cleanliness, while there is no shower, WC and any infrastructure service.