Anamur is the southernmost coastal point of Turkey, and it is a very rich town in terms of places to visit with its thousands of years of history, nature and beaches. In terms of places to visit in Anamur, there are spots suitable for every taste in every season.

Thanks to its climate and nature, most of the limited areas where bananas are grown in Turkey are located in Anamur. When you go to Anamur, don't forget to buy a banana as a gift that makes you feel the difference with its smell and taste. In addition, different plants suitable for the tropical climate have been started to be grown in the district.

Anamur is one of the most important spawning areas of Caretta turtles. So much so that in May and June, it is forbidden to turn on lights on the beach so that the turtles, who determine their direction with the moonlight, are not confused. Tourists come to Anamur to watch these cute animals lay eggs.

This district, which was on the corner and not very well known due to the limited transportation opportunities in the past, has become easily accessible with the opening of the Gazipaşa Airport and the completion of the Mediterranean Coastal Road to a large extent.


Anemurium Ancient City: One of the important port cities of the ancient period, Anemurium takes its name from the word windy hill. It is possible to see the traces of many civilizations in the city, which was developed by maritime trade. Among the must-see works are the theater with a capacity of 900, the necropolis with around 350 tombs, the public bath, the Necropolis bath, aqueducts and the lighthouse. Another beauty of the Anemurium Ancient City is that it has the opportunity to swim in the sea. Since the entrance to the ancient city is paid, the sea is not crowded and very clean. It is a completely different experience to come across the ruins of historical artifacts while swimming. Entrance fee to Anemurium Ancient City is 12.5 TL and museum card is valid.

Mamure Castle: It is one of the largest castles in Turkey in terms of area. It has reached today in very good condition. The mosque inside the castle is one of the works that we recommend you to see. Mamure Castle is located by the sea and is one of the southernmost points of our country. The castle resembles the Alanya castle in terms of structure. The castle consists of 3 parts: the inner courtyard, the outer castle and the inner castle. There are 39 watchtowers in the castle, four of which are large. There are paths on the walls that can be walked around the entire castle. We recommend those who will visit this place to take a souvenir photo, especially in the impressive view of the castle and the sea. The entrance fee to Mamure Castle is 12.5 TL, and the museum card is valid.


Köşekbükü Cave: The cave, which consists of 3 main sections, Dilek (wish), Sağlık(health) and Huzur (peace), is also known as Asthma Cave, as the air inside is thought to be good for asthma patients. Local people believe that the elements filtered from the rocks inside the cave with water drops mix into the air and gain healing properties for asthma patients.

The cave is entered through a 2 meter rock crack towards the bottom of the ground. The stalactites formed by the dripping waters and the stalagmites formed by the accumulation of these waters on the ground are interesting. Cave lighting has been successfully established by illuminating different structures in different colors. At the entrance of the cave, there is an establishment operated by the people of Ovabaşı. Here you can try local food sıkma and drink ayran or tea, and also  you can buy local products. The entrance fee to Kosekbuku Cave is 5 TL. The museum card is not valid.


Pullu Nature Park: Located on the Bozyazı road in Anamur, the park is a natural beauty spread over an area of 10.3 hectares, where blue and green meet. Red pine, laurel and blueberry trees are mostly seen. While the park is especially preferred by caravan and tent campers, it also serves daily picnickers. Infrastructure services such as electricity, water, WC, shower are provided. Bungalows and wooden houses can also be rented for accommodation. Activities such as swimming, wildlife watching and barbecue can be done in the camping area.


Dragon Stream: Born as an underground river in the Taurus Mountains, the stream is 35 km long. Along the stream, which is also rich in vegetation, there are trees such as plane tree, red pine, black pine and fir. The water of the stream is quite cold and there are trout facilities in the upper parts. Rafting and canoeing activities are carried out in the stream, which has a strong flow. The historical Dibek Bridge on the creek is also a must-see.


İskele  and Rauf Denktaş Park: It is a park with a pleasant view where you can walk and cycle along the beach, where cafes, restaurants, tea gardens and fishermen are located along the seaside in the Anamur district center. It extends from the pier to the point where the Dragon Stream flows into the sea.